101st birthday and cake making from Humberston care homeToday at Clarendon Hall care home, in Grimsby, not only were Residents very busy making rainbow cakes, but one very special Resident was celebrating her 101st birthday!

Hayley Sandison, Wellbeing Coordinator, worked with various Residents to make and decorate some rainbow cupcakes (pictured), in preparation for a party at the home tomorrow. 

Jean Lennox, pictured, who lives at the home, laughed, “Hayley is getting us working again!”

Fellow Resident Barbara Brumby, also pictured, added, “Wow they look amazing, I can’t believe we made those.”

See also pictured Resident John Scott enjoying getting stuck into the cake making!

Hayley commented, “Everybody was able to have a go and it was a fun afternoon.”

Also, this week was resident Marjorie Forster’s 101st birthday and she wanted to celebrate it in style with her son. 

The kitchen team made and decorated a special cake for Marjorie and the room was decorated brightly. She said, “Haven’t you gone to a lot of trouble, I saw you doing it but didn’t realise you were doing it for me! I feel very special.”

Marjorie’s son Michael really appreciated the effort colleagues had gone to, “Thank you very much, it was wonderful!”

Nicola Walker, Home Manager, commented, “It was lovely to be involved in such a fantastic day.”