65th wedding anniversary celebrations at Fleming CourtColleagues at Fleming Court residential and residential memory care home, in Jesmond, were delighted to support Resident, Peter Curran and his wide Maureen, to celebrate a very special occasion; marking practically a lifetime together. 

For their 65th Wedding Anniversary, Colleagues worked together, behind the scenes, to surprise the couple with a special lunch served privately for them in the Cinema Room at Fleming Court.

Peter had recently been discharged from hospital and was staying for a period of convalescence and rehabilitation prior to returning home. Everyone agreed they could not let such a special day go unmarked and, although their three children are scattered across the globe, they were able to arrange Facetime calls to coincide with the event. 

The couple also delighted staff by sharing many happy and humorous memories of their life together.

Everyone present enjoyed seeing the genuine joy the event gave the couple, who loved the thoughtfulness of staff as they ensured, despite Peter needing to convalesce, that their special day could still be celebrated together. 

Peter commented, “Staff have made the day one to remember with great fondness.”

Maureen Southern, Care Home Manager, remarked, “This was a unique opportunity to mark a very special occasion and the couple's devotion to each other was clearly evident on the day.”

“The 65th wedding anniversary is symbolised by blue sapphire. The blue sapphire gemstone is symbolic of loyalty and inner peace. Peter is soon returning home but, throughout his time at Fleming Court, he and his wife have consistently emanated these qualities.”