89 Year Old Care Home Resident’s Message for International Women’s Day, ‘If Something Makes You HappA Resident at local care home The Willows, Hinckley, has had a remarkable life, and has shared her story with her fellow Residents and care team at the home this International Women’s Day.

Mrs Betty Foreman, who is celebrating her 90th birthday later this year, has lived at the HC-One home since 30th January 2023. She was born in Yusuhara, Japan, on the 14th September 1933 and grew up in the small town which is just south of Hiroshima. She had a very close family unit and lived there with her parents, grandparents, aunties, and uncles and her three brothers and sister.

Betty was six years old when World War II started and remembers it being a hard time in their life, with her father being away for long periods of time. Despite the difficulties of being at war, Betty continued with school until she was 13 years old, at which point she had to leave to look after her two younger brothers. Aged 15, Betty showed her characteristic bravery and determination, and moved to Hiroshima by herself where she became a childminder to earn a bit of extra money for her family. She has always been determined to keep learning, and so she attended night school to finish her education and learn English. 

In 1952, Betty met her future husband, who at the time was a British solider. They both moved to Hong Kong together and were married in 1954. This caused some problems for Betty at the time given the political climate and relationships with the British. This prompted them to move over to England, and unfortunately Betty didn’t get a chance to see her family again. 

Determined to live life to the fullest, Betty went on to start a new life in England, having four children of her own and travelling the world. Despite all the great wonders she has seen on her travels, she still says that her home town, Yusuhara, will always be her favourite place in the world. 

Betty has made the most of every moment of her nearly 90 years. She has enjoyed a very busy social life and won many trophies playing dominoes and darts. 

Betty Foreman, 89, Resident at The Willows care home, said: 
“I have faced challenges and change in my life but have always been so inspired by my mother and grandmother. They both taught me never to give up regardless of the struggle I faced.
“It is International Women’s Day and so I want to tell the young women of today, ‘if something makes you happy, keep doing it and never give up’.”