90 year old tortoise comes to visit St James Park ResidentsResidents at St James Park were very pleased to welcome Flash, the 90 year old tortoise into the home recently, and everyone made him feel very much at home.

Although Flash is getting on in his nine decades, he was excited to see everyone and poked his head out of his shell to greet Residents. He also roamed around the lounge at quite a speed (for a tortoise!)

This was a wonderful opportunity for Residents, including Joan, Barry, Evelyn, Phyllis, Mona, Phil, Simon, Sheila and Mike, to learn about these ancient creatures, what they eat, their living conditions and hibernation.   

After a fun and very interesting afternoon, those involved said ‘goodbye’ to Flash, who will shortly be hibernating until spring when they all hope to see him again. 

The activity also got a lot of the Residents reminiscing. Joan, who lives at the 31-bed residential and nursing care home, told Colleagues all about her tortoise from years ago, who liked to escape!

Mihaela Barbulescu, Home Manager, commented, “These slow-moving creatures are actually quite interesting. I am so glad Residents enjoyed another busy afternoon and Flash is getting on very well with us. He is part of the St James Park family now.”