A beautiful poppy display for Remembrance Day at Gateshead care homeResidents at Springfield House care home in Gateshead, have been busy making a fantastic poppy display for the home. 

The reception area of the 69-bed residential and residential dementia care home looks beautiful as it is filled with many poppies.

Poppies have decorated the home to show respect to the fallen soldiers and animals.

Over the past couple of years Residents and Colleagues have knitted and crocheted poppies which have been added to the display. There are white poppies to represent peach and purple poppies to represent the animals.

A lovely book is on display full of stories from the wars and some war poetry.

The Residents are so proud of the display they have made. One Resident, commented, “Professional Colleagues when entering the building have been admiring the display, they think it looks great.”

Dawn Heppell-Marshall, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Residents enjoyed every minute of helping with the display, they love how informative it is.”