A box full of puppies brings so much joy to Cheshire ResidentsWhen a box of puppies turned up today at HC-One’s Daneside Mews care home, in Northwich, Residents and Colleagues were overjoyed at the lovely little furry faces that wanted plenty of cuddles and attention. 

Home manager Nikki Vernon brought the Residents a lovely surprise into the home today six adorable little puppies which are a cross between a Jack Russell and a Yorkshire Terrier.

The Residents were so happy to see these little guys, the smiles were seen everywhere! The puppies played in the lounge making everyone smile and laugh and they all got cuddles (nobody wanted them to leave).

“Look at them,” one Resident remarked, “I used to have a dog just like this!”

See pictured Residents Dot, Maureen, Sheila, Terry and Val giving the Residents lots of cuddles. 

This brought back lots of memories for Residents of when they had dogs at home.

Nikki commented, “It was so much fun and we got to hear lovely stories from the Residents.”