A day of jigsaws and outdoor fun for Salford ResidentsThis morning a few of the Residents at Barton Brook care home, including Doris, Ivy and Norma, took part in completing jigsaws. They all had fun doing them as they hadn't done one in years. 

Colleagues thought that Residents had surprised themselves at how well they had done. One of the Residents was pleased as it was her Daughter who had donated the jigsaws. 

Completing a 50-piece jigsaw was a great achievement! Upon completion, one Resident exclaimed, “Yes we did it!”

This afternoon, Residents on Monton House enjoyed 'Stop the Clock' in the garden to enjoy the sunshine (see pictured). While safely enjoying the rays, there was some good old chatting and lots of fun had by all.

Andrea Stevens, Receptionist, said it was a fantastic day enjoyed by everyone involved.