A fond farewell to Hyde nursing home ColleagueAt Hyde nursing and nursing memory care, Residents and Colleagues got together to wish one Colleague all the best of luck on his last day as he reminisced through the last few months. 

Wellbeing staff member, Adam Perkins, has had what he describes as ‘a blast’ during the past five months working at the home and is extremely sad to be leaving.

Adam commented, “I thought I'd look back at my fondest memories. From the day I walked through the front door and saw what a loving and caring home Hyde is for all of the Residents and staff.”  

“Sharing a joke, armchair aerobics and even the one to one sessions have all been amazing and it's been a great experience working with such an amazing team. Providing a homely environment filled with laughter and smiles from all.”

Adam ended with, “It's been amazing to work alongside the Residents and staff here at Hyde Nursing Home and I'm happy to have been part of the team.”

We wish Adam all the very best of luck for the future, from the whole of the HC-One team!