A garden tidy and special day held for Sheffield care home ResidentsAt residential and nursing care home, Swallownest, in Sheffield, the local Dunelm shop chose the care home to help as part of their ‘Caring for the Community’ campaign. 

Colleagues were absolutely delighted that they chose Swallownest, as they had worked with them last year in their ‘Caring for the Community’ campaign.

Dunelm offered to come and tidy the home’s garden and plant tubs for a whole day; and bring £150 worth of plants and garden ornaments too!

Becki and Lucy, Dunelm staff (both pictured bottom left) came to the home with a car full of garden tools, garden ornaments and everything they needed to work outside. 

Becki commented, “I just love how the Residents have come to the window to wave to us and even thank us!”

What a fantastic job they did and they have also offered to come back in their own time to do even more work. 

Amanda Fields, Home Manager, remarked, “We cannot thank them enough. The two girls from Dunelm worked so hard for us and we are so grateful to them. They really have made a difference to our outside area.”

Yesterday, to celebrate Father’s Day, everyone at Swallownest had a beer lager and mocktail afternoon. 

Celebrations were initially for Father’s Day, but they couldn’t leave the ladies out so the trolley catered for everyone! 

With a fantastic selection of calypso music playing from the trolley, which Colleagues brought around the home. 

It definitely livened the place up and created a lot of fun and laughter while providing fresh fruit and nibbles, there were a lot of happy Residents, including Beatrice Shields, Chris Parker and Phyllis Birbeck.

Beatrice commented, “This is lovely you have gone to so much trouble for us!”

Chris added, “What a selection, I’m spoilt for choice!”

The music went down really well and created so much fun. Amanda remarked, “The trolley caused quite a stir with the lovely calypso music playing. Lots of laughter too, just how we like it!”