A Lewisham Christmas party for care home ResidentsColleagues at Alexander care home, in London, do yearly Christmas parties for all of their Residents, and this year was no exception other than instead of one large party, there was a series of smaller parties.   

Today Residents Patricia, Adelaida, Jane, Daphne and Dorothy, pictured, enjoyed their party which consisted of plenty of festive food and drinks, games, singing and of course dancing. 

One of the Residents remarked, “I am so happy that the home had a Christmas party for the Residents.”

Also, as part of the festive party, Residents were each given presents; Dorothy was over the moon and expressed her thanks to Colleagues. 

Sanusee Koromah, Home Manager, was delighted, “It was wonderful to see all the Residents so happy with the party and gifts. Well done to Colleagues for organising and putting on a fantastic show!”