A magical Market Lavington ChristmasChristmas at Market Lavington care home, in Devizes, is full of traditions, warmth, love, joy and so much fun had by all. 2022 has been no exception and Residents, Colleagues and Relatives have had a wonderful time together celebrating. 

On 21st December, the preparations were well underway for Christmas as the Residents at the 80-bed residential, nursing and dementia care home enjoyed an afternoon decorating Christmas cakes that had been made in a previous activity involving other Residents.

Supported by Wellbeing Coordinators, Michaela and Riaz, the Residents chose from a selection of handmade decorations, made by Michaela on the kitchen team, and created three festive cakes to be enjoyed by everyone over the Christmas period. 

The Residents, including Joyce Kennedy, Pam Johnson, Phyllis Shellard and Phillip Kelley, really enjoyed being involved in the whole process, from mixing the ingredients for the cakes, to decorating them how they wanted.

Pam commented on the decorations, “How do you do such lovely decorations? I love the colours.”

It bought back memories for some of the Residents, when they used to make their own Christmas cakes at home with their families. Joyce said, “I do like a traditionally decorated Christmas cake, not too much faff you see these days.”

Michaela remarked, “We hope to be doing this again next year, as it’s something that has been very popular.”

And more excitement was yet to come as Santa, who looked suspiciously like Colin Bull, Head of Maintenance, and his elf, who looked suspiciously like Michaela Powell, Wellbeing Coordinator, delivered presents to every single Resident at Market Lavington on 23rd December! 

Accompanied by Riaz Ali, Wellbeing Coordinator, Natasha Howard, Home Manager, Jasmine Simmonds, Unit Manager and Mary-Ann Pugh, Home Administrator, all Colleagues ensured the Residents received a present.

The team made their way around Residents, singing and delivering the presents. They were followed around by John Forni, Kitchen Manager, who was in charge of a trolley that was full of mulled wine, other soft drinks, and lots and lots of cakes, biscuits, mince pies and everything else you can think of! 

It was a wonderful afternoon, with everyone full of the Christmas spirit, and Residents absolutely loving Santa and his elf, laughing a lot at their sudden appearance!

Residents joked and laughed at Santa and many comments were made:

“I don’t have a chimney so I don’t know how he got in!!” – Phyllis Shellard.
“That cheered me up. It was lovely, so lovely.” – Rona Bushell.
“He’s so game for a laugh to do this every year and makes a great Santa!” – Angela Wakely.
“That was a surprise! Thank you all!” – Sheila Prince
“That was a lovely present, all coming in singing and dancing! How funny!” – Joyce Kennedy
“Well, it’s not Christmas unless you see Santa is it!” – Ken Shepherd
“Santa is thinner this year, he needs a few more mince pies!” – Denis Mason

Riaz said, “A big thank you to Mary-Ann Pugh and Michaela who beautifully wrapped the presents, and to Jasmine and Natasha for organising and taking part in the giving of presents too! It was wonderful to make the Residents laugh and to hand out presents to them all.”
“Also, a huge thank you to John Forni, and the kitchen team for providing the mulled wine, soft drinks and a wonderful platter of cakes and biscuits for the Residents as we went around!”

And finally, when the big day arrived, it was filled with joy and a very special time for all involved. 

Families came together to celebrate with presents, food and laughter.

With the support of the home’s amazing care Colleagues, the Residents all got ready for the day ahead, some opening presents with family members who visited, some Residents were invited out to spend the day with their families and friends, while others chose to have a relaxing day. 

The atmosphere when anyone walked into the home was warm, festive and welcoming. Colleagues had all tried and wore their best Christmas jumpers, some even had on antlers and sparkly hair bands! Christmas music was playing throughout the home and people were singing along, even if they didn’t know the words!

The home’s wonderful kitchen team, led by chef Lewis Matthews, prepared and cooked a festive Christmas lunch, comprising of a choice of turkey or beef, crispy roast potatoes, brussels sprouts with bacon (which is a favourite of the Residents), stuffing balls, pigs in blankets, honey roasted parsnips and cranberry sauce. This was followed by a choice of classic Christmas pudding with cream, chocolate brownie with custard and a selection of homemade cakes. 

Pam Johnson, who lives at Market Lavington, said “These Brussel sprouts are wonderful; I could eat a whole bowl of them.”

Before lunch was served, those who wanted to, were supported into the dining areas to have their lunch together with other Residents. Others chose to stay in their rooms with family and enjoy their lunch with them.

Crackers were pulled in festive tradition and hats were put on in all different colours.

To accompany the meal, Residents had a choice of indulging in a glass of prosecco, white wine or a non-alcoholic drink of choice. 

Sheila Phillips said, “I’ve had two glasses of bubbly; it’s the most I’ve ever had to drink in all my 91 years, but I don’t care, I’m having a lovely time!”

The atmosphere was truly wonderful, everyone had a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eye. 

Michaela Powell remarked, “It’s so heart-warming to see the Residents and Colleagues come together on Christmas day, it really brightened up the home.”
“Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all our Residents and staff at Market Lavington nursing home.”

A very successful Christmas at Market Lavington.