A morning trip out to Ashton for Dukinfield care home ResidentAt Fir Trees residential and residential dementia care home, in Dukinfield, one of the Resident fancied a trip out, so the wellbeing team thought it was a great suggestion and made sure he had an excellent day out.

David Rathbone, who lives at the home, wanted to go to Ashton, so Wellbeing Coordinator, Karolina Kubach took him out on the morning of 23rd March. David used to go every day to Ashton, and he knows a lot of people there. 

They went to a few of David’s favourite shops as he needed to get few bits and bobs, and David knew somebody in every single shop he went in! People were happy to see him and were asking how he is. 

David met a few of his friends and he was telling them how happy he is at Fir Trees and joked that Karolina was his bodyguard that takes him out! 

He commented, “I really enjoyed today. I love going to Ashton. I really appreciate you taking me.”

Karolina commented, “David loved being out and seeing all the people he knows. It was nice to see David being so happy, and to witness how many people he knows around Ashton.”