A taste of America comes to Manchester homeAt Westwood Lodge care home, Colleagues have created various themed trolleys for the Residents during the pandemic and this week’s theme was America. 

“The trolleys always created discussion and enjoyment for our Residents and they love seeing the different trolleys we have created,” explained one Colleague.

The Residents enjoyed trying Mozzarella sticks, loaded potato skins and jalapeno cheese bites.

They decorated the trolley with famous pictures which represented America. The Residents enjoyed guessing what every picture was and sharing any memories they have.

Residents loved the food and seeing the different pictures of America. Phillip Burke, who lives at Westwood Lodge, said, “The jalapeno cheese bites tickled my taste buds.” 

Fellow Resident, Mavis Farrell, remarked, “I enjoyed looking at all the pictures and guessing which each one was. It really got my mind thinking.”