A trip out for St James Park care home ResidentsResidents at St James Park care home in Dorset, were thrilled to see the home get a new minibus and they knew the first trip out needed to be great!

On the 5th of December, the care home were delighted to be able to take out some of the Residents on the first trip out on the new minibus.

Residents wanted to see Christmas lights in Bridport and in beautiful West Bay. The Residents of the 31-bed residential and nursing care home knew seeing all the beautiful lights would get them feeling festive.

Mike, a Resident, comment, “The trip down to West Bay was very nice, I will show the photos to my daughter!”

It was lots of joy and fun at the home prior going out, during the trip and after. The Residents had a lovely time and are thrilled they can use the minibus for many other trips.

Mihaela Barbulescu, Care Home Manager, added, “In my opinion, the holiday season doesn't officially begin until you see your first Christmas light display. That's when our Residents and Colleagues know it's time to break out festive sweaters and take a trip out around the neighbourhood to admire the beautiful lights and decorations. I’m so glad to see our Residents happy. Well done team!”