A trip out on the minibus for the Beeches ResidentsToday ladies from the Beeches residential care home, in Dukinfield, braved the rain and enjoyed a ride out on the minibus to Holmfirth. 

The rain wasn’t stopping the Residents, including Doreen, Ivy and Joan, from enjoying themselves and with tour guide (and minibus driver) Chris, they had a very enjoyable day out without even having to leave their seats. 

For the ladies, they hadn’t been out in a very long time due to the restrictions and they had a great time and loved the views of the countryside and seeing the sheep and cows in the fields. 

The weather brightened up once they arrived at Holmfirth, so Chris parked and everyone got out to enjoy a nice hot drink outside, admiring the beautiful views. 

On the journey home, Chris took everyone past where ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ was filmed which was a good topic of conversation. 

The day out was just what everyone needed, despite the rain, all had a nice day. 

Joan said, “I have had a lovely trip out today. I am not from round here so I have seen views I have never seen before, which has been lovely and the gentleman driving knows his stuff!”

Doreen added, “Thank you for taking us out, I have enjoyed the drive out and the views are beautiful. And it’s been good to get out of the house.”

Sade Smith, Wellbeing Coordinator, remarked, “The trip out wasn’t what we planned but if anything, it turned out much better and we had a nice drive out enjoying the views and seeing places I hadn’t been to before. We can’t let the rain ruin our plans!”