A visit from BT and Plus-Net at Colton Lodges care homeColton Lodges, residential, nursing and dementia care home, in Colton, Leeds, have recently had a lovely visit from the teams at BT and Plus-Net.

Colton Lodges has proudly been a part of the BT/Plus-Net Companionship Programme for the best part of a year now, and have regular visits organised from the team to really get to know the Residents their volunteers they have been speaking to. 

The most recent visit included a game of Dominoes, and giant 'Play Your Cards Right'!

At the end of the visit the Residents were given Plus-Net winter bobble hats, that they have since not taken off.

The Residents really enjoyed the visit and loved receiving a little gift.

One of the comments of the day included, “It feels great to get together like this, and instils a real sense of community within our home."

Danielle Longthorn, Care Home Manager, commented, “We feel very lucky as a home to be part of this programme. We take great pride in our community links at our home, and it is very heart-warming to see our Residents have fun whenever BT come to visit.”