A visit to the local farm café for Devizes care home ResidentsOn Wednesday 29th June, Residents at HC-One’s Market Lavington care home, in Devizes, enjoyed a trip to The Rowdey Cow café, a popular attraction in North Wiltshire.

The lovely little café is renowned for its homemade mouth-watering ice-creams which Residents indulged in. Joy, chose bubble-gum flavour, which she enjoyed, and another two residents, Amy and Audrey, chose the classic mint choc-chip variety. Audrey remarked, “The ice-cream was so lovely!”

Phyllis who also lives at Market Lavington, chose a drink called ‘bumbleberry’ which was a mixture of four berries, much to everyone’s amusement. She said, ““I loved being out. It’s a really nice location for a café.”

As this is a ‘farm’ café, it also hosts a variety of animals for the patrons to enjoy too! There were geese, sheep, cows and turkeys and also a Rhea; a flightless bird native to South Africa. Joy in particular was very enamoured by it. She joked, “Can we ask the Home Manager if we can have a Rhea in our garden?”

Riaz Ali and Michaela Swiffen, Wellbeing Coordinators, added “Thank you to the staff at the Rowdey Cow for being so thoughtful and considerate and being very helpful regarding the Residents.”