A week full of fun at Harnham Croft with a pantomime and interactive animal experienceTo start off the new year, Residents at Harnham Croft care home, in Salisbury, Wiltshire, have enjoyed a trip out to see the Cinderella pantomime, as well as a visit from ZooLab to learn about some interesting animals. 

At the pantomime, which was performed at the local Salisbury Playhouse, Harnham Croft got a mention as VIP guests to the royal ball, much to the amusement of Residents Mary, Susan, Lilian, Charles, Sandy, Linda, Lynn, and Barbara, who all enjoyed watching the pantomime. 

During the interval, there was an ice-cream refreshment at half time and afterwards everyone enjoyed chatting about the show. 

Mary, who lives at the 38-bed residential and nursing care home, remarked, “It’s the faces that the performers make when performing which makes the show. Absolutely brilliant.”

Tracey Morris, Deputy Manager at Harnham Croft, said, “The pantomime was thoroughly enjoyed by all Residents and Colleges with lots of funny parts.”

Also this week, Harnham Croft welcomed a visit from Hannah and her animals from the company ZooLab, who provide fully interactive animal handling experiences. 

Hannah brought along some of her animals for Residents and Colleagues to look at, touch and hold, find out information and ask any questions about them. 

The Residents enjoy finding out about the animals, including giant snails, a hissing cockroach, a stick insect, a millipede, a snake and a tarantula, that stayed in the box due to being very fragile and would shatter like a glass if dropped!

The Residents enjoyed holding the animals from ZooLab, and they were amazed at some of the facts Hannah told them about all the animals

Barbara, who is a Resident, said, “I held the Millipede and it was very tickly!”