Activities, trips and some reflexology for Residents at Fir Trees care homeIt’s been a week jam-packed with fun with person-centred activities at Fir Trees care home, in Dukinfield, with Residents enjoying some reflexology, and have enjoyed a trip out too. 

Specialist, Debbie, was invited into the 44-bed residential and residential dementia care home to complete some hand reflexology for Residents.  

Reflexology has been said to be good for relaxation, improves nerve power, blood circulation, eliminates toxins and reduces headaches. So, Colleagues thought it will be really beneficial for Residents. 

Relaxing music was played in the background as Patricia Mellett, Gordon Lloyd, William Penkett, Beryl Bradbury and Mike Vidler got a hand massage done. Those involved really did enjoy it and said how relaxed they were during the massage.

William said, “It was a very nice experience; I feel like all the tension in body has disappeared.”

Gordon added, “I could seat here all day and let Debbie massage my hands. I feel very relaxed.”

Residents really enjoyed the experience and said that they all felt very relaxed afterwards and are hoping they can have it done more often.

Following on, Residents benefitted from even more person-centred activities including a trip to The Lowry Art Gallery with lunch and shopping.

Colleagues Karolina Kubach and Abbey Parker organised a trip out to the Lowry Gallery for Residents Dorothy and Millie, knowing they would really enjoy it. 

When they arrived both ladies fancied a coffee so went to the local Harvester where the ladies had coffee and something to eat. 

After that they did a little spot of some retail therapy with both Residents buying some chocolates and attire for themselves. 

At the Lowry Gallery, this was a great opportunity for the group to have a look at some paintings. Both ladies where mesmerised by Lowry’s paintings, and both loved most of them.

Dorothy said, “I could just seat in the gallery and stare at the paintings all day they make me feel so calm I’ve had a lovely day thank you so much for taking me out”

Millie added, “It’s so nice to do something different, I’ve had a lovely afternoon.”

Karolina commented, “It’s so lovely to see Residents so happy when they’re out. Something so little for us makes such a big difference for them.”