Activities and fun from Hyde care homeThis month at Hyde nursing and nursing memory care home, on Tameside, everyone has been taking part in lots of activities and getting ready for fireworks. 

Colleagues and Residents decided that in the arts and crafts session, they would finger-paint some fireworks. 

Those involved all sat down and reminisced together about the song "Remember, remember the fifth of November." 

Some also shared their favourite holiday destinations and many were discussed from from Benidorm to Antigua and Barbuda! One of the Residents even shared that she'd been to Benidorm six times and shared some of her fondest memories with her beloved husband on the Costa Blanca!

Resident Dot commented, “I had a blast and enjoyed spending time with other Residents!”

Wellbeing Colleague Adam Perkins said, “The firework painting session went down a treat and we decided that we would do a nice wreath for Remembrance Day in a couple of weeks too!”

Also this month, some Residents have been treated to some nail care which involved a hand massage. Many were very happy and said it was relaxing, “It feels very good to be pampered!”

Colleagues were asked if they could do it again for Residents as everyone loved the polish, cut, file and massage with some hand cream. 

All in all, some great news from Hyde this week. Watch this space for what there is to come next...