Activities from Yew Trees care homeOver the last couple of days at Yew Trees residential memory care home, there have been a range of different activities for Residents to get involved in, including crafts and pamper sessions!

On Tuesday, there was a nature themed day which was filled with crafts such as painting wreaths and stamping animal patterns on them. 

Residents could also take part in a game of tin can alley, with animals representing the scores for each participant. 

Colleagues organised or a selection of animal themed biscuits and fruit juices to be served. 

One of the Residents remarked, “I love doing crafts!”

Today, was pamper club day whereby the ladies enjoyed chats about make-up and what they liked to wear while they had their nails painted, along with a hand massage. 

Bird songs were played in the background and all enjoyed a lovely milky coffee over the chats.

Lynda Bulley, Wellbeing Coordinator, remarked, “The ladies have really enjoyed the atmosphere of the in-house salon.”