Adding a splash of colour to outdoor Resident area at Ashington care homeOne Resident at Ashington Grange, residential, nursing and dementia care home in Ashington has added her creative flare to the outside area in the care home.

Kathleen Da Vinci has been keeping herself busy over the past few weeks painting the outdoor shelter area for Residents to brighten up the place.

As the Residents enjoy being out in the garden Kath thought it would be the perfect time to start painting again. 

For each plank of wood in the shelter Kath is painting a different pattern or scenic picture. 

She loved nothing more than putting smiles of people’s faces and helping others out. This is a lovely gesture and is really appreciated by all the Residents and Colleagues. 

Some decorations from the home have also been added to the walls to for some added sparkle.

The other Residents at Ashington Grange love watching Kath paint and are always trying to guess what she will be painting next.

Andrea Pringle, Care Home Manager, remarked, “It is lovely to see Kath painting, she is really enjoying the activity and the outdoor shelter looks great!”