Adventures from Dale ParkAt Southport’s residential memory care and nursing memory care home, Dale Park, Residents have been getting involved in days out, the opening of the new shop, the Queen’s birthday and celebration ‘Appreciation Day’.

Last month was the Queen’s birthday and at Dale Park, everyone celebrated with a beautiful afternoon tea which involved a bit of role play and lots of posing for photographs. There was a total of thirty people taking part and the highlight of the event was the treats served such as sandwiches, sausage rolls, potato croquettes and the birthday cake!

Residents sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Queen and enjoyed some music in the background playing. 

On 12th May, Colleagues held an appreciation day which got families and Residents all involved. Relatives wrote postcodes to Colleagues saying why and how they were appreciated and all of the staff were given an appreciation goodie bag, wit their favourite tipple inside. Everyone thought it was so thoughtful and Residents enjoyed seeing the team feel appreciated. 

One of the Residents said, “You’re worth it!”

Yesterday, the tuck shop at Dale park opened with everyone being able to choose their own sweets, including a ‘penny mix’. This brought a lot of reminiscing and everyone enjoyed tasting the different sweets. One of the Residents said, “Mm nice, I love sweets!”

With restrictions lifting across the country, this has meant that Colleagues have been able to take Residents for their first adventure out in a long time!

Philly and Muriel were the first Residents who went out for a walk around the local park with Colleagues Rachael and Becs; the smiles on their faces showed that they really enjoyed the trip!

Angela Moore, Care Home Manager, said, “I am so pleased with all of the events that have taken place over the last few weeks. We have had a brilliant time! Thank you to everyone involved!”