Another trip across the continent for Penrith care home ResidentsCold Springs Park care home are on the next stop of their trip around the world, this stop takes them to France.

Each week the Residents ae choosing a different country they have an interest in and France was next on the list.

A French day was planned for all Residents to take part in. To start the day Residents discussed famous sights, phrases, food and culture. 

Some of the Residents have been to France on holiday and told everyone about their experiences when visiting. 

A quiz was then hosted by the staff to test the Residents knowledge. They then practiced speaking in French with one another. 

In the afternoon, there was lots of French food on offer to try. There was an array of French cheese, crackers, pate, olives, mini croissants, and some delicious macaroons. The macaroons were bright, colourful and all different flavours.

The Residents loved their day and look forward to their next trip across the continent. 

One Resident, commented, “I have learned so many things which I didn’t know about France.”

Jacqueline Johnstone, Care Home Manager, said, “It was great to see the Residents sample all the food. I can’t believe 16,000 snails are eaten each year in France.”