April Parks November RoundupThis month at April Park in Derbyshire, which provides residential care, Residents have enjoyed a number of different activities and have been celebrating a busy November of national days.

At the beginning of November, Residents were treated to a firework display that was arranged by Colleagues in the care home. It was the first time in a long while since some Residents had seen fireworks with lasts years celebrations getting cancelled. It was quite a brisk night outside so Residents sat and watched from the windows to keep themselves warm, but thoroughly enjoyed the night! They had hot dogs and cups of tea to go along with the display which went down very well amongst the Residents. 

Following Bonfire night, Japanese Culture Day came up afterwards and Colleagues at April Park arranged for some sushi to be brought into the home at the request of the Residents. They wanted to try some real Japanese food, and many Residents had never tried sushi before. All Residents had the option of either fish or veg sushi. Overall, most of the Residents tried the different options and many remarked how surprised they were to like the different types of sushi. One Resident said, “oh wow its actually quite tasty” others however said they would probably only try it this once.

November also marked the 10-year anniversary of HC-One which was celebrated along side another welcomed day, National Fast-Food Day. Residents were asked at their monthly meeting how they’d like to celebrate and which foods they would like, with the majority of Residents voted either fish and chips or pizza. The local chippy and pizza shop, Popeyes, was all too happy to assist the home and provide the Residents with their order. 

Christine, the Home Manager said, “It’s been a busy month here at April Park, the Wellbeing staff have done a fantastic job and the Residents seemed to really enjoy all the different national days we celebrated”.