Arbroath care home Residents enjoy relaxing painting morningResidents at HC-One’s Lunan Court care home in Arbroath recently enjoyed a relaxing painting morning, using water paints to create some beautiful works of art.

During the morning of the 24th November, Residents from the Harbour View floor enjoyed a relaxing morning of water painting. Music was playing in the background whilst Residents painted some beautiful pictures, helping them relax and build up their confidence.

The calming nature of painting, writing or other creative pursuits is a way to forget about larger stresses and promote healthy, happy feelings.

This is the first time such an activity has been done with Residents, after the home received their Rainbow fund box from their local NHS authority, which contained lots of different activities and equipment for Residents to take part in and enjoy.

Residents really enjoyed painting and look forward to getting their paintbrushes out again soon, “this is so fun, can I do another one,” said one Lunan Resident.