Arts and crafts with Devizes Head ChefKim Tomes, the Head Chef and Kitchen Manager at Market Lavington residential, nursing and residential memory care home, has been going above and beyond her usual role recently. 

Riaz Ali, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “Kim is such a wonderful person and a good sport and this is my opportunity to share some kind words about her.”

Kim is always up for a laugh and jumps at opportunities to help out Riaz whenever possible, whether it be trips out to local garden centres, or comedy improvisation groups and much more.

On this occasion, Kim is helping to run an arts and crafts group, where her kind, gentle and thoughtful approach, when it comes to engaging with the Residents, is such a joy to watch. 

Today Kim had the idea of Residents designing a cupcake, which she will then subsequently bake. (A follow up story including the pictures of the baked cakes will be sent in due course!) See pictured Residents Violet Lloyd, Margaret Tomalin and June Clack with Kim. 

One of the care Colleagues remarked, “Great idea! We all like cake!”

Residents enjoyed the idea of drawing something that they could end up eating. 

June, who lives at the home, said, “It’s a good idea, will be nice to see how the cakes turn out.”

Fellow Residents Margaret and Angela added respectively, “I’m enjoying this, I’ll draw mint icing on mine.” And “It’s original to be able to taste what we draw!” 

Riaz said, “It’s lovely to see the Residents enjoy an activity like this. Kim makes the best cakes that I know of!”