Ashington care home Residents create calendars with a positive message for 2021Residents at HC-One’s Ashington Grange care home in Ashington have created some personalised calendars for 2021 with a positive message

In January, Ashington wellbeing coordinator, Emma Hall made a lovely poster with Residents holding up a piece of card that said ‘When we have each other, we have everything’, and it was real hit in the home.

So, they decided to adapt this idea and create a calendar, personalised for every Relative, with a picture of their loved one on the front holding up the card, to put on a calendar for 2021. The goal is to spread a positive message throughout 2021 and to hope it is a much better year than the last.

Residents absolutely loved the idea, and those who hadn’t already, were really eager to get their photos took with the positive message. 

One Ashington Resident said: “It is a lovely way to stay in touch with my loved ones, and to show them that I am staying positive for the year.”