Ashton-under-Lyne therapy cat wows ResidentsResidents and staff at HC-One’s Hurst Hall residential and residential memory care home, on Tameside, have had great fun with the new therapy cat. 

The home recently had a therapy cat donated to them a few weeks ago, which purrs and blinks, just like a real cat, and is a big hit with Residents who particularly enjoy holding the cat. For some, it bought lots of fond memories back to when they used to have pets. 

Colleagues decided to ask everyone what they would like to call it, and they all had lots of fun picking a name. 

When everyone had picked a name, they were al wrote down and put in a hat. 

Janet, one of the Residents, picked the name ‘Bella’. 

One of the home’s care Colleagues commented, “Bella has especially bought a lot of comfort to one of our Residents. It is so nice to see smiles on everyone’s faces and Bella has such a wonderful ‘calmness’ about her.”