Aston House Care Home promotes a peaceful season of Ramadan for ResidentsColleagues at HC-One’s Aston House Care Home in Hayes have been promoting diversity and inclusivity by ensuring Residents and other Colleagues have a peaceful and blessed season of Ramadan.

Eden Parrie, Wellbeing Coordinator at the 39-bed care home offering dementia care, has been describing some of the steps being taken during the month of Ramadan:

“We promote greeting Colleagues and Residents with a simple ‘Ramadan mubarak’ (Blessed Ramadan) and acknowledge where peoples sleep hours may be disrupted. We’ve also been ensuring quiet and peaceful places have been set aside to allow time to pray.”

“At Aston House we try to foster a supportive environment for all Residents and Colleagues by taking time to listen to people’s needs and to reach out in any way possible.”

Home Manager Seema Jose said: “Our caring team at Aston House is always looking at how we can make life as inclusive and positive as possible for all our Residents and Colleagues.”