Aston House Residents have a day in the gardenResidents at Aston House, dementia care home, in Middlesex, make the most of the lovely, sunny weather.

It was a beautiful day, and the Residents wanted to spend the day enjoying the sun. To enjoy the day, a garden party was set up for the Residents to enjoy. 

Each of the Residents enjoyed singing to some old melodies and of course enjoying an ice-cold beer, fruit juice and nibbles.

Mr Alan, a Resident, loves being outside in the garden. He commented, “Beauty is in our surroundings.”

As the Residents had such a great day, they decided it would be great to invest in the garden this year so it can be enjoyed by everyone. The Residents had lots of ideas and the staff are trying their best to get everything implemented. 

Seema Jose, Care Home Manager, remarked, “A bright and beautiful day to brighten up the moods of the Residents.”