Autumn calls for a park trip for Chorlton ResidentsAt Chorlton based nursing and residential care home, Chorlton Place, Residents and Colleagues have enjoyed a nice autumn trip to the local park. 

Residents, including Stan, Lorna, Carole, Micheal and Stuart, and Colleagues had a trip to the local park and collected different leaves and conkers from the trees. 

On returning to Chorlton Place, the Residents enjoyed a hot chocolate and cake whilst discussing the trip and reminiscing about times when they used to collect leaves with their children. There were some lovely memories brought up of the activities that they did with the children when they were little.

Following this, the Residents and wellbeing team pressed the leaves and made lovely pictures that are now laminated and shown on the boards around the home for everyone to view.

Residents particularly enjoyed getting out of the home environment and feeling the fresh air. They agreed it was wonderful to reminisce and share stories. 

Samantha Clayton, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Residents and staff came back and had a glow to their faces. Looked like they had a fabulous time!”