Averill Fest and bouncy castle dreamsAt Newton Heath residential memory and nursing memory care home, Averill House, it has been an incredibly busy week for Residents and Colleagues alike with Averill Fest coming to the home as well as making one lady’s dreams come true!

When talking to a Resident a few months ago, Miss Vera Smith, she was talking about festivals as she had never been to one and would like to go but said she was, “Too old now.”

This sparked an idea among Colleagues that they could throw their own festival at Averill house, and that’s what they did!

Everyone got all dressed up on the day in festival attire and hired a bouncy castle and popcorn machine. There was also a selection of candy floss, which was a huge hit with everyone! 

The garden was decorated and there was also a teepee tent, gnome making activities and lots of other crafts. 

Local singer, Sam Jones, entertained Residents with a medley of songs in the garden to get everyone into the festival spirit. 

They even had cocktails named ‘Festival Dreams’ and ‘Hippy Chick’.

Vera commented, “This is brilliant! I cannot believe there’s a bouncy castle and real candy floss I am blown away!”

When one of the Residents, Kathleen Black, found out they were having a festival she told Colleagues she would like to have a go on the bouncy castle but she was scared and didn’t think she could get on, as in her words she was, “Too old for that malarkey!”

Jodie Yates, Wellbeing Coordinator, said, “Well that was it on the day myself and care staff supported her and assisted her very carefully to get on the bouncy castle as she really wanted a go but needed a little help and confidence boosting. We stood with her for support whilst she had a bounce and her face lit up she was so proud of herself when she got off. She thanked us and said it made her feel so youthful and had made her day she was telling everyone she had been on the bouncy castle and the excitement made her glow!”

Kathleen commented, “Did you see me I was bouncing! Can you believe it? Wow!”