Ayrshire care home Residents share their Wednesday WisdomResidents at Claremont, nursing and nursing dementia care home in Ayrshire, wanted to share their ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ as they discussed what friendship means to them!

The Wellbeing Team, got together with some of the Residents and asked them what friendship meant to them. 

Here are some of the responses which were received:

Cathie, aged 99, said, “Friendship means everything to me!”

Anne, aged 83, said, “Friendship means being friends with someone.”

Mary, said, “Friendship means having a pal. Someone you trust is a true friend.”

John, added, “Friendship means having long term pals.”

Finally, Pam, said, “A friend is someone to listen to late and night and during the day.”

The Residents expressed some wise words on friendship and enjoyed getting their pictures taken too!