Bamber Bridge care home Residents meet pen pals from local schoolA pen pal scheme has been set up with the local school and Meadow Bank care home, in Preston, and while delivering a thank you gift, a chance face-to-face meeting occurred. 

Residents at the residential, nursing and dementia care home have been building up close relationships with the local Clayton Brook primary school; creating a pen pal scheme with different classes within the school. 

The older children have been sending letters to Meadow Bank, and the younger classes drew beautiful pictures for everyone to admire. 

Colleagues decided that when they took the Residents’ replies, they would also send some treats in to the school to say, ‘thank you’. 

All the letters and pictures really did brighten up the Residents’ day. 

Malcolm, from the home’s Ribble house unit, and Dawn, Wellbeing Coordinator, went to the school armed with the replies and a big bag of chocolates. He also got to meet his pen pal and it was really lovely to see Malcolm and the children laughing and smiling.

All the Residents have said how lovely it was to receive letters and pictures from the school. Malcolm said, “It was lovely to meet my pen pal.”

Dawn Ward, pictured with Malcolm, said it was a really lovely moment for Malcolm and to meet the children from Clayton Brook Primary school.