Barbecuing in the sunshine at Cheshire care homeAn impromptu barbecue was hosted by Colleagues for Residents at Overdene House residential and nursing care home, in Winsford, this week. 

The sun was shining down and giving everyone that much-needed vitamin d while the barbecue was sizzling away with some delicious treats for all. 

All Residents who joined in said it was lovely seeing everyone all chatting and enjoying each other’s company. The burgers and a small tipple of choice certainly went down well too. 

Colleagues Gary Peach and Hannah Dineley were taking charge of the barbecue and provided burgers, hot dogs and veggie options. 

One of the Residents commented, “What a great idea and a nice surprise! I have met people I hadn’t before!”

Cath Burns, Care Home Manager, said, “I loved watching everyone chatting and smiling!”