Beauvale monthly roundupThis month at Beauvale in Bingham, which provides residential, nursing and dementia care, Residents have enjoyed a range of different activities and celebrations. 

With the 10-year anniversary of HC-One happening this month, Residents and Colleagues had a little party in the lounge. There was a buffet out for dinner which went down very well with the Residents, one Resident said, “I did like the party, and really loved the buffet dinner”. Games such as Velcro darts were played by the Residents, with a nice birthday cake being brought in for everybody to enjoy as well. 

Towards the end of the month Residents took the challenge of making a cake from scratch. A large number of Residents got involved in making their cakes. It was great fun all round and inspired some good conversations amongst everybody about their own cake baking techniques and secrets. 

Lyndsey, a Colleague at Beauvale, started the burns gym in the lounge. Its an exercise activity that some Residents get involved with which offers varying levels of fitness exercises suitable for indoors. One Resident said, “I really like the burns gym sessions, its tiring but good fun”. 

Annette, the Home Manager said, “Its nice to see the Residents enjoying themselves. Especially at the 10-year anniversary party, everybody was having fun”.