Birmingham care home connects with friends and family
Residents and team members at HC-One’s Hodge Hill Grange care home in Birmingham have been busy keeping in touch with friends and family during the festive season using video calls and newsletters.
It has been a difficult year for most with the global pandemic, but Residents and team members at Hodge Hill were determined to keep their spirits high and reach out to friends and family, hosting regular video calls and even putting together newsletters to keep loved ones in the loop about their plans for the festive season.
Everyone has been enjoying video calls, with some Residents saying that seeing their loved ones even just on a screen makes them overjoyed.
Home Manager, Theresa Ingram-Gettins, said: “At Hodge Hill Grange we are dedicated to making sure everyone feels happy and festive this Christmas, we know it will be different from our usual celebrations but it is important to come together and focus on the positives.”