Bishop Auckland care home Resident enjoys fun filled 100th birthdayA very special Resident at HC-One’s Eden House care home in Bishop Auckland has enjoyed a fun filled birthday as she turned 100.

Nora Hutchinson, a Resident Eden House, became a Centenarian on 28th November, and celebrated it with lots of cake, a call from the mayor and even a special surprise from the Queen.

Colleagues decorated Nora’s room with balloons and 100th birthday buntings and sang Happy Birthday to her as she got ready for her big day. After getting ready, Nora made her way to homes lounge, where she was greeted with lots of cards, a telegraph from the Queen and a CD that her family had made her.

The CD played a video of Nora’s family all wishing her a Happy 101st Birthday, which Nora absolutely loved. After that, the Mayor of Bishop Auckland rang Nora to send his best wishes, which she also really enjoyed.

Before cutting her, Nora opened all her lovely cards from family, friends and Colleagues at the home and was over the moon to receive a telegraph from the Queen. Nora was overwhelmed and couldn’t stop thanking everyone for what a wonderful day she had.

“I am overwhelmed by all the events of the day, thank you so much for all you have done to make my day special. I am so lucky to have so many people care,” said Nora.

The kitchen staff made Nora a lovely birthday cake and everyone enjoyed it at team time alongside a high tea to celebrate the day. Everyone enjoyed the day and said it was lovely and Nora really enjoyed the celebration.

Emma Wade, Eden House Home Manager said: “Celebrations had to be changed due to coronavirus however, Colleagues went above and beyond to ensure Nora had an amazing 100th birthday.”