Bread making for Dunton Hills ResidentsResidents have been flouring their hands up ready and creating beautiful fresh loaves at Oaklands care home, in Basildon. 

Residents Michael, Ann, Betty, Ros, Margaret and Jean, took an equal amount of bread dough and discussed as a group different shapes and braiding they could try; it really was like a bake off!

Admiring each other’s designs and getting creative with their concoctions, Residents finished off with a little flour dusting and then the chef put them in to bake. And they tasted amazing!

One of the Residents, after seeing their rolls after baking, commented, “We did great, it would be nice to bake daily.”

Another added, “I’m such a good cook!”

Wellbeing Coordinator Lorraine Ansell remarked, “Baking is a big success at Oaklands, we plan to do it on a weekly basis now.”