Bredbury care home Residents share life storyVera and Bill have been with at HC-One’s Appleton Manor care home, in Stockport, for a month now and have kindly shared their beautiful life story with the home’s Wellbeing Coordinator, Sarah. 

Bill and Vera met at Reddish Toffee Works. Bill used to make the toffee and Vera was a packer; she used to wrap the toffees and pack them for distribution. Bill had a brother and three sisters and Vera had one sister one brother. 

Vera and Bill are married and have been for over 60 years. They were married at Our Lady's Church in Stockport, where they both grew up. The couple have one son called Mark and a daughter-in-law, Sue. They have no grandchildren.

As well as being part of the Choir at Christ Church, Bill was also in the cadets and could play the trumpet. Bill entered many competitions for this and he came in second at a competition for playing the trumpet, which he practised 2-3 times per week.

Bill’s mother and father used to work as undertakers at Lancashire Hill in Stockport. Bill remarked, “When they (his parents) used to take me to work with them and I needed a nap they used to put me in the coffin! And they would also say to me, ‘You will never be a stranger to a box, you!’”

Starting as an apprentice in Broadstone Mill as a roller coverer, Bill then when this job became extinct he worked there as a maintenance worker for a while. After this job Bill worked at Butterworths & Cliffords where he used to make crates for the storage and transportation of furniture. One day he made one for the transportation of an elephant! Bill said he worked there for a long time. 

In the army in the ordinance quarter, Bill he was in charge of security in the transport department for two years on national service guard duty.

Vera and Bill used to enjoy their time together and enjoyed holidaying on the east coast of the UK, which included visiting Scarborough, York and Bridlington. Although they never went abroad together, Bill did go to Egypt for his work. 

Bill enjoyed gardening he used to have an allotment growing his own fruit and vegetables. He also enjoyed football, dancing and boxing. Whereas Vera used to enjoy dancing and hiking.

“I’ve had some laughs in my time with Vera!” Bill recalls. 

Wellbeing Coordinator, Sarah, “It was a pleasure being able to share the story of Bill Vera’s life.”