Bridport Residents are visited by exotic wildlifeThis July, St James Park care home, in Bridport, Dorset, were very pleased to welcome a very special collection of animals into the home, and this peaked the interest of many Residents.  

Residents at the 31-bed, friendly residential and nursing care home enjoyed a fun and informative afternoon organised by Senior Wellbeing Coordinator, Michaela, learning all about exotic bugs and tropical creatures. They were also able to get up close and personal to Giant African Snails, Giant Hissing Cockroaches, tortoises, snakes, giant millipedes, dragons, and geckos.  

The star of the day though who stole the show was Boris the Gecko, all Residents including Mona, Joan, Bob, Caryn, Evelyn, Pamela, Gwen, Freda, Jo, Fred, Barry, Rowena, Marjorie, John and Phil, loved this little cute one. Freda said remarked, “Look at that pretty little face!”

However, John was also particularly curious about the Giant Hissing Cockroach (see pictured). 

Joan who previous said she was frightened of snakes commented afterwards that she was so surprised to be calm around the four-foot-long python. She said, “I wasn’t scared at all, I surprised myself! When are they coming again?”

Michaela commented, “I was surprised by how many of our Residents enjoyed being so near to all these exotic animals.”

“Every day is different in St James Park. I’m glad to see so much involvement from the Residents today. Animals don't have a voice, I think our Residents give them one.”