Bringing the beach to The WillowsToday at The Willows in Leicestershire, which houses residential and residential memory care, everybody had a special day out to the beach for the Residents and staff. 

Due to the current restrictions, everyone at the home decided “if we cannot get to the beach ourselves, we will bring it to us!” Despite the great British weather trying it absolute best to stop them. 

Residents enjoyed making sandcastles, boats and even their own windmills. They had a range of different games as well for everybody to enjoy, including, hook a duck, tin can ally, ring toss and a large beach ball that everybody enjoyed a game of catch with. Angela, one of the Residents expressed that “It’s not a day at the seaside without a little bit of rain!!!”

The staff have expressed how they all had a lot of laugher when they tried to race their boats (many sank) and very much enjoyed everyone being able to get outside. Especially when the ice cream truck arrived, and everybody could choose their favourite flavours. 

Of course, no day to the seaside would have been complete without a customary fish and chips dinner! There was also a buffet on for everybody as well, so there was a wide selection for tea. Afterwards we spoke with the Residents about their favourite part of the day, with the main consensus being the Ice Cream man and playing in the sand.