Bristol care home Residents discuss a future after lockdownResidents and Colleagues have been taking part in a group chat session to talk about their thoughts and feelings this lockdown at HC-One’s Amerind Grove in Ashton, Bristol.

Many Residents have had a hard few months because lockdown restrictions mean that they are unable to see their families in person.

The session was an opportunity for Residents to talk about their feelings and ask any questions about coronavirus, lockdown and what the future could hold. Everyone was invited to write down their thoughts which were creatively organised on a display board to let everyone know that they are not alone in these difficult times.

One Resident commented: “I hope it all gets back to normal soon. We can get through this!”

One Resident has been having a particularly difficult time understanding the situation, but Colleagues have been keeping him busy with gardening and feeding the local birds. When he feels really down, they go for a little stroll and after a coffee and a chat, all is well again.

Their group session comes as the government announces their plans to leave lockdown with the first stage taking place in March.