BT Companionship Programme at Colton LodgesResidents at HC-One’s Colton Lodges, residential and nursing care home, in Leeds has recently joined the BT Companionship Programme.

The Residents were happy to hear they would be getting a call from one of the volunteers. The home received ‘volunteer profiles’ with information on each of the volunteers which would be ringing.

Malcome Peel was the first Resident to receive the first call from the BT volunteers as part of their companionship programme this week.

Malcome was absolutely thrilled to have someone to speak too over the phone. He laughed and smiled and talked about some of his favourite topics. Malcome loved having someone to talk to who was interested in his hobbies and interests.

Lois, Wellbeing Coordinator at Colton Lodges, organised the partnership between the home and BT to tackle loneliness and promote community partnerships. Lois even created profiles for each of the Residents to send back to the volunteers to be even more connected.

Residents, Ivy Oates and Bernard Schofield have also had some lovely chats with the BT volunteers. The volunteers have made these Residents laugh and smile whilst speaking about all 
their favourite things.

Malcome, commented, “I love John Wayne, I am glad he did too. What a nice man, thank you for letting me talk to him.”

Bernard, said, “It was so nice to speak to someone that isn’t family. I would like to send that nice lady a Christmas card.”

Ivy, added, “Wow this is good, it makes a nice change to daily life.”

Danielle Longthorn, Care Home Manager, added, “It is such a great programme. Malcome really enjoyed his chat.”

The whole team are excited to continue with the calls each week as they made the Residents day.