Butterfly release at Avandale LodgeToday, the Residents over at Avandale Lodge care home, in Lostock which offers both Residential and Residential memory care, released a host of Butterflies in celebration of St David’s Day.

The home had brought in a butterfly garden loaded with some caterpillars – after a couple of days they went into their cocoon and only took 8 days to transform – which were then released! Speaking to the Residents afterwards, they spoke about how nice it was watching them on a daily basis with the expectation of seeing them change at any moment.

There were quite a number of Residents involved with this including: Bobbie, Beryl, Sandra, Hedley, Hazel, Joyce, John and Betty all included in the festivities. Beryl loved it and said, “They’re lovely, but I can’t touch them – their too floppy!!” Sandra also commented on how lovely it was seeing the butterflies get released out into the world. 

They absolutely loved getting outside and releasing them, holding them in their hands and with one of the butterflies even landing on Hedley head! 

The staff spoke about how much the Residents enjoyed watching the caterpillars go through the stages into turning them into butterflies, then being released. Shannon who is one of the carers, expressed how lovely it was to see their Residents reactions to the big release.