Cakes galore at Market Lavington care homeMany would say that the cakes home baked at Market Lavington care home in Devizes are renowned far and wide – but they don’t last long enough for them to get that far! They are so delicious the Residents enjoy them on the day, and it is rare any are left over!

Today, Colleague Lewis Mathews, Chef, who has enjoyed working at the Market Lavington care home for 11 years, assisted by Maya Chalke, baked a mouth-watering selection of cakes for the Residents.

For instance, on today’s cake stands were cupcakes with a frosted icing, coconut and jam sponges, chocolate cake with a peanut butter icing, coffee and toffee cake, rum and raisin cake and strawberries!

And of course, the kitchen team are also considerate and caring for those Residents with special dietary requirements, regularly baking gluten free cakes too, as an example.

“Lewis,” Riaz, Wellbeing Coordinator, said. “In the interests of quality control, I do feel I should try one of each, just to make sure our residents are getting the best.”

“I know your game Riaz,” Lewis laughed, “You don’t fool me!”

“Your lace is undone,” I pointed.

“Oh is it?” Lewis said and as he bent down Riaz grabbed one of each cake and hid them up his jumper.

Maya Chalke, Chef, often assists in taking the cakes around to the Residents, and always has a cheery disposition and friendly demeanour, making her popular with all. She often chats with the Residents as she plates up their cake requests and takes the time to get to know them.

“Today, I really enjoyed the coconut and jam sponge,” said Resident, Phyllis Dunn. “They remind me of the ones I used to make myself many years ago.”

“The rum and raisin cake was really good,” gushed Susie Hilton, a Resident who does not mind admitting she has a sweet tooth!

“I’ve never had chocolate cake with peanut butter icing before, it was really good,” smiled, Resident, Phillip Kelley.

“Seeing the Residents enjoying the food I prepare makes it all worthwhile,” said Lewis. “I work with a great team here in the kitchen and we always enjoy coming up with new ideas for cakes for their afternoon tea!”