Cambridgeshire home Christmas craft and sing-alongWhittlesey Residents at the Gables care home have started their festivities today with arts and crafts as well as a sing-along. 

Residents, including Ron, Kathy, Julija and Judith (pictured), painted holly leaf shapes and had a chat together sociably, with Wellbeing Coordinator, Jane, about all things festive and Christmassy. 

With their favourite Christmas hymns being played, Resident Kathy sang along to ‘We three kings’, then all began singing from the group. Judith began to sing to ‘The Holly and the Ivy’, as she painted her leaf. The activity felt very cosy and festive.

The Residents enjoyed sitting together and having a sociable chat with singing.

“Nearly Christmas,” Kathy said.

"Prickly holly, “Judith described the activity. 

"Christmas nearly Christmas!" Resident Ron remarked.

Helen Walters, Home Manager, commented, “Music and signing is an everyday event here at The Gables. We are enjoying very much for the beginning of the festive season.”