Care Home Open Week at Bishop Auckland care homeResidents at Bishopsgate Lodge care home in Bishop Auckland were very happy for to be celebrating Care Home Open Week 2022.

Lesley Duff, Wellbeing Coordinator is always looking for new activities for the Residents to do as they love to try lots of new things.

The idea of the Teddy Bear Picnic came from the local nursery school, Buddies, which is located across the road from Bishopsgate Lodge. Sandra who runs the nursery loved the idea and wanted to get involved.

Residents, Jim McKnight, John Parker, Judy Mulier, Alice Grindley, Jean Bragar and Heather Linsley, couldn’t wait for the picnic and specially to see the nursery children again after the pandemic. The children from the local nursery were delighted to pay a visit to the care home and loved being out in the garden with all the Residents and teddy bears.

Charlene Fisher, Care Assistant, commented, “It is lovely to see the children interacting with the Residents.”

Another activity which took place during the open week was flower arranging. The ladies have always wanted to do flower arranging, especially Alice Grindley who said it was her dream to do this.

Residents and staff got together for the flower arranging and enjoyed lots of nibbles and a glass of prosecco. There was a huge range of flowers, and the ladies made some beautiful arrangements. The Residents loved how the flowers came from their own garden, it made it extra special.

To top off a lovely week of celebrating the care home hosted a friends and family buffet for everyone to enjoy. Family, friends and members of the local community were invited along to the celebration.

It was great for the home to be able to invite everyone from the local community, especially to make new connections. Members of the Police department paid a visit and were chatting to the Residents and enjoying a lovely cup of tea.

There was a huge array of food and drinks as well as lots of activities. Everyone enjoyed such a fantastic time. 

One Resident, commented, “It was lovely to see lots of new faces and spend time with friends and family.”

The week was fantastic, and everyone can’t wait to celebrate again next year!