Castletown care home Resident enjoys new veggie delightsAn animal loving Resident at HC-One’s Northview Lodge care home in Castletown has enjoyed some new lovely vegetarian meals after asking the Head Chef for a bit more variety.

Resident Hannah Matthews is an animal lover and is a vegetarian. Hannah casually mentioned to Head Chef Ryan Smith that she would like to see different options on the menu. So, Ryan being his daring self said challenge accepted and has wowed Hannah with an array of different items including his massive homemade veggie burger and his home made fake away veggie kebabs.

Hannah loved the new options on the menu after testing them and is looking forward to coming up with more bright ideas for new veggie dishes with Ryan in the future.

Hannah Matthews, a Resident at Northview said: “Who needs meat to have fun!  Veggie burgers all the way!”

Residents loved that there was an extra option and the chef went out of his way for the needs of the Residents, and even some Residents who aren’t vegetarian want to try it out now.

Patrick Morley, Home Manager at Northview Lodge said: “It’s just fantastic that the vegetarian Residents have an amazing choice of food at an exceptional standard.”